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About our Chairperson

Ms. Nisha Shah

In any organization, the hierarchy divides the share of responsibilities, as one man cannot be everywhere and one who is at the helm of affairs as the principal person, he guides and leads. We are blessed that our “Chairman Sir” has a passion for perfection which is clearly pronounced when we take first step to the school. Infrastructure , is the a pivot of any organization and at Shah International School, we are particular that our students should not miss out on anything just because we are economical or less specific in providing the infrastructure. With infrastructure, another add on is the ambience. We provide excellent ambience which resonates with the infrastructure and both supplement each other.

In fact, he has a passion for educating and bringing out the best in the students. His passion towards his vocation borders on ecstasy, which is manifested in the enviable reputation the school has earned under in his guidance and steward shift in academics as well as co-curricular activities over a period of time. His fervor for education prompted him to shoulder the onerous task and for the excellence school has attained, we are beholden to him.

Quality or excellence does not come suddenly or accidently, it is always a fall out of sincere efforts with conviction ,devotion and determination , it is meaningless to prattle over something or show pretence which is illusory or said in words only but in our case, there is nothing hidden or kept under the carpet.

We maintain a fine balance between academics and co curricular activities; His vision travels beyond the established boundaries which even we cannot comprehend. With the innovative ideas, he never ceases to amaze us and his histrionics stand clearly pronounced, the way the school functions and the faculty and the students always bubble with the optimism.

At times, we wonder at the ejaculation of his profound, rich and lucid ideas which flow from his mind like a river, which percolates downward, to benefit others. We look forward to our Chairman Sir who keeps on guiding the affairs of the school and we keep climbing and our school writes more success stories.