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About Us


Old timers, who had done their senior secondary or higher secondary in 60’s and 70’s, always try to draw a parallel between the bygone era and the present times. They are often amazed and look in awe at the present teaching methodology which is replete with the usage of high end technology and Computers. The educational landscape, in last 25-30 yrs, has changed and grown exponentially, albeit in quality and with the advent of Internet, Almighty Google coupled with so many other concepts, Language lab, Mathematics lab, children find school a haven and retreat. The curiosity in them increases day in and day out and they cannot restrain their temptation to gloat over the innovations in technology, made available to them that they experience and enjoy. Therefore, they spend each day in the school, marvelling the educational modules which are updated at the alarming rate, with renewed energy couched in curiosity.

Now, parents and even the schools, brag about or I would say, they feel proud that their children have breached the barrier of 80-90 %, which I believe is primarily because of the ‘n’ number of teaching modules available, like Smart Class and interactive boards and, of course, students’ devotion and labour, teachers’ untiring inputs coupled with parents’ efforts. Schools cater to the needs of each age group and the students come to the school visualizing what next, they will see in the school today. Students were earlier paranoid of subjects like Maths and Science .However today they enjoy the same subjects, the paranoia has vanished.

You can only achieve excellence when you do something with passion and devotion. Can one develop passion for something, he is scared of or disdains, no certainly not, somebody’s liking and achieving something which one wants, flows from incessant passion. Passion is the driving force which pushes to assert one’s goal / focus and obscurity has no place in this.

Keeping these contours in mind, with the vision of our Chairman, the Principal, Teachers’ and the Coordinators, wherein we believe it is the interaction/confabulation which leads to birth of innovative ideas, augmentation of several minds pooling together and the results are always encouraging. I give equal importance to a forceful and vibrant faculty, coupled with teaching methodologies which, I regard as quintessential to our educational system. Ambience, infrastructure, the teaching modules available and last, but not the least, the co curricular activities equip and groom the child with inclusive growth , excellent communication skills and develop in him a sense of social awareness and responsibility. Only optimum use of these facilities gives excellent and outstanding results.

Our sports arena, unambiguously, is vast and amongst the best. Our students have never ever brought any despair by their performance, or run of the mill kind of performance. They have oodles of achievements to their credit which resonate absolutely with the empirical academic performance.

Of course when you sire and cradle something which leads to perfection, it brings a sense of buoyancy and pride. To educate a child and to bring him up to an excellent academic level, is a bilateral exercise where parents and the teachers have to work together in tandem, as it is said, it takes two to Tango.

The rapid up-gradation of internet and social media is certainly posing serious threat and corrupting fledgling minds which we cannot ignore, overlook or take lightly. The use / misuse of social media/internet needs to be regulated and tracked. The misuse of these facilities is already attaining cataclysmic proportions. The students, in the fledgling stage, certainly, are distracted from the studies as it is human nature when we come across something which we have never imagined or seen earlier certainly, we would want to try it.

A good thing always brings bad things along, with meat comes the bone, with land comes the stone. Just because students are over indulgent into social media and internet we cannot stop them from using internet, computers and smart phones, we should not throw the baby with the bath tub at the same time, we have to insulate them from the evil effects and misuse of internet, therefore, it’s an issue which needs to be dealt with sensitively.