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LIST OF SPECIAL ASSEMBLY 2023-24 Date Days Holidays Class
1 18-04-2023 Tuesday World Heritage Day IX
2 22-04-2023 Saturday World Earth Day X
3 08-05-2023 Monday World Red Cross Day VIII
4 06-08-2023 Sunday Hiroshima Day VII
5 12-08-2023 Saturday International Youth Day XII
6 15-08-2023 Tuesday Independence Day
7 05-09-2023 Tuesday Teachers’ Day
8 14-09-2023 Thursday Hindi Diwas III
9 02-10-2023 Monday World Habitat Day IV
10 31.10.2023 Tuesday Vigilance Awareness Week XI
11 19-11-2023 Sunday National Integration Day VIII
12 28-02-2023 Tuesday National Science Day VI
13 15-03-2023 Wednesday World Consumer Rights Day V

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The educational landscape, in last 25-30 yrs, has changed and grown exponentially, albeit in quality and with the advent of Internet, Almighty Google coupled with so many other concepts, Language lab, Mathematics lab, children find school a haven and retreat.

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