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Ever since its inception in the year 1995, we at Shah International School have carved a niche for ourselves as one of the premier institutions in West Delhi that aims at the holistic development of its pupils. We believe that with the broadened horizons of the students through the use of internet, modern technology and a cornucopia of new vistas of learning open to them. We at SIPS offer bouquets of options and opportunities to our students in various streams depending upon their choice and aptitude, so that they become connoisseurs in the particular field they opt for. Besides, the school lays special emphasis on the overall personality development of its students. So, extracurricular, inter- house, inter- school, zonal and sports activities go hand in hand with the regular studies.

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The educational landscape, in last 25-30 yrs, has changed and grown exponentially, albeit in quality and with the advent of Internet, Almighty Google coupled with so many other concepts, Language lab, Mathematics lab, children find school a haven and retreat.

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