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About Principal

Ms.Sajilekha Pillai

About Principal

In my long association with Shah International School, I have seen this institution grow tremendously and exponentially. I believe the title of the head of the school is customary and ornamental, so long as, one does not get deeply engrossed in the functioning of the school. Education is an area, the horizon of which has expanded tremendously, vis-à-vis what we saw 5 decades back. Each day, we see new developments taking place which need to be incorporated in the curriculum and adopted. We need to refer to bygone era because the distinction cannot be drawn unless compared. So in a nutshell, I would say that, teaching methodology has undergone a cascading change, I believe, to keep pace with the times, one has to show keen indulgence, else we lag behind.

I am fortunate enough that I have a very cooperative, devoted and hardworking team, which is passionate about bringing out excellence in academics and without extracurricular activities, it is half the loaf. Every child, irrespective of the age and class, is a player in his/her own way, be it any sport. Even if the child plays at home, he carries spirit from the school, if there are no games, we feel something is amiss. When I see the students participating in inter school competitions, zonal inter-zonal and nationals and when they bring laurels to the institution, I carry strange kind of satisfaction and I trust, it is my biggest achievement. Being a head of the school, if one is not involved, there can’t be traces of perfection. Our students’ performance in the boards and other events is enthralling and encouraging.

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The educational landscape, in last 25-30 yrs, has changed and grown exponentially, albeit in quality and with the advent of Internet, Almighty Google coupled with so many other concepts, Language lab, Mathematics lab, children find school a haven and retreat.

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